Sara Ramirez is the American dream

Raised by a single mother, Sara worked to make it in life

Sara learned from a young age the importance of hard work, seeing her mother work two jobs to keep the lights on. It made her the successful business woman she is today, and instilled in her the need to create an economy that works for everyone.

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We live in the greatest country on earth, there's no reason we can't take care of working class people in our community. In Congress I will fight to ensure everyone gets a fair shake.

On The Issues

It's time we stand up for our ideals, it's time we take on the status quo


As the COO of a fortune 500 company, Sara knows what it takes to create jobs, and will work to bring quality jobs to Michigan.


Education is the great equalizer, and Sara will invest in K-12 education to give our children the chance they deserve.

Skilled Trades

Sara believes in investing in the trades, to bring people into middle class jobs.


Sara will work to bring affordable quality healthcare for our families by strengthening the Affordable Care Act

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Sara Ramirez is proud to be endorsed by some of North Carolina's leaders

Randy Wells

County Commissioner

Sara Golden

Schoolboard Chair

Owen Thomas


Lauren Poe


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